Dogs have played a big role in our family for many years and we have experienced disappointment at not being able to find the perfect bed and clothes for our family friend. As a dressmaker I started making outfits for my dogs. I have been making some improvements and creating new models. Family members and friends have been always very supportive and encourage me to make different designs and solutions, so I started looking for new fabrics, ideas and finally I have become the ,, little doggies seamstress ''.

Regarding the bedding, In my opinion ”the right one’’ should not only complement your home interior but also take into consideration your dog's comfort and deliver quality for a fair price. Check prices on-line. We believe that for beds of this quality, our prices cannot be bettered.

This is how we came to design our own perfect beds.

Dog and Home offers Clothes in many styles, sizes and colors in a wide range of fabrics. We have chosen our fabrics to reflect new trends as well as for their ease of care and durability. We will be adding new fabrics to reflect to the seasons and are happy to respond to customer requests.

We just want you to enjoy our products!

There is Miss Lilly 10yo, she came to our home 6 years ago. She inspires me to make new clothes and collars very often... Because we like things which are beautiful, our handmade products are special.

I have also become a foster for Mr. Logan 9yo, who is my best friend and enjoys being a model for our clothes :). I think I will adopt Logan as he is a lovely boy! Isn't he...? Of course I have failed fostering - its an update :)

in 2016 we have adopted little whipper Sid, and he is so much loved!